About Us

GeoMetWatch is a privately-held, commercial company with the mission of developing highly-advanced environmental observation systems. GeoMetWatch was founded to facilitate the collection and delivery of the most advanced atmospheric sounding data to the world at the lowest cost and in the most expedient time frame. The data that GeoMetWatch will collect and deliver to forecasters will enable the most accurate prediction of severe weather ever achieved. The forecasts enabled by GeoMetWatch data will save lives, preserve property and improve the monitoring of our environment.

GeoMetWatch is melding technologies and scientific breakthroughs achieved in academic centers and government agencies throughout America that will enable ground-breaking hyperspectral data collection and delivery of essential information for severe weather forecasting. Through the foresight of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency and Department of Commerce, GeoMetWatch has the necessary license to carry out this critical mission.

GeoMetWatch will utilize the unique revenue model pioneered through GeoEye and Digital Globe, two commercial companies that collect and deliver imaging data to the government and commercial entities on a fee-for-service basis. GeoMetWatch will finance the building of the sensors and collect revenue from countries worldwide only after the data the countries desire is delivered. The fee-based service model will save participating countries billions of dollars in development costs and enable them to benefit from the data with minimum financial impact.

GeoMetWatch is leading the way in delivering essential weather data effectively and affordably.

GeoMetWatch has been established to generate, process, and sell ‘next-generation’ weather data to government weather agencies and commercial enterprises around the world.

GeoMetWatch sensors are state-of-the-art, hyperspectral atmospheric sounders, developed by the US Government at a cost of over $400 million. GeoMetWatch is the only entity with a US Department of Commerce Remote Sensing License, which enables the collection and sale of atmospheric data by a commercial company.

GeoMetWatch deploy these sensors by "renting" space on standard communication satellites and downloading the data. The data collected will then be processed and sold to weather agencies of sovereign governments worldwide on long-term contracts, and secondarily to commercial enterprises (i.e., airlines, logistics companies, utilities, agriculture).

This data will vastly improve government agency’s ability to provide early warning of severe weather to their populations, saving both lives and property. This data will be obtained for a fraction of the cost of using current methods. In summary, GeoMetWatch will provide ‘Advanced, Affordable Weather.’

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