There are three product levels offered by GeoMetWatch that range from selling raw data to the end user to providing enhancements and more refined analysis.

1. Imagery

a. High resolution “true” color and RGB composite animation
b. High resolution spectral image animation
c. High quality digital visible and infrared image
d. Local, regional and full disk single spectral or multi-channel composite image and animation.

2. Radiance

a. Routinely calibrated digital spectral radiances traceable to national standard
b. Routine digital radiance signal, noise, and quality status for scientific and quantitative applications
c. Any customized digital radiance subsets at various coverage and frequency

3. Real-time Product

a. 4D fields of primary products of temperature, water vapor, clouds and wind
b. 3D fields of aerosol, pollutions, and trace gases
c. 3D fields of volcanic ash and gases
d. 3D fields of land and ocean surface temperature
e. 3D fields of surface emissivity and albedo
f. 3D fields of land surface type, coverage and vegetation index
g. 3D fields of hot spot
h. 3D fields of weather instability
i. 3D fields of ice/snow, cover, depth and motion
j. 3D fields of visibility, turbulence, icing threat, low cloud and fog
k. 3D fields of flood and standing water
l. 3D fields of Hurricane intensity and track
m. 3D fields of longwave and shortwave radiation
n. Customized products such as high spatial and temporal resolution temperature, humidity, wind, cloud transient, surface temperature, surface type and other products critical for fire management, aviation safety, severe storm watch, air pollution monitoring, renewable energy production, and hazardous events warning and so on.
These products will be sold to sovereign governments and operational weather agencies.